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We highly recommend Heart 4 Kids Therapy for speech therapy.  We first met Laci & Chris (owners of Heart 4 Kids Therapy) in January, 2015.  We had just arrived in Florida from Chicago and were in need of a speech therapist for our 2  1/2 year old son.   In Chicago, we had participated in the early intervention program and their initial assessment placed our son about a year behind in his speech.  We participated in the program for about 6 months and saw very little improvement so we were very skeptical of the process but we knew we needed to get him help.

We found our options in the Clearwater/Palm Harbor area very limited and we interviewed with only 2 therapists.  But quantity is not as important as quality; we knew right away that Laci was the one for us.  Right out of the gate, she talked about working with us by providing tools for us to use with our son at home so that we could continue the exercises that she was performing in her sessions.


After his initial consultation, she provided us with a list of concerns and goals to correct these.  Each session, she worked on the sounds of the Ps & H's (his challenging sounds), 3 word sentences, yes/no's and many other areas.  Right away, we saw improvement which continued each week.


After  3  1/2 months of working with Laci, our son was up to speed and had age appropriate speech.  We are looking forward to stopping in to see Laci and Chris again, but our son no longer needs therapy.  I know our son misses her because he can now tell me that he does ;)


So, naturally we had to question why we didn't have any progress in Chicago.  First and foremost, Laci is AWESOME.  She really knows how to work with kids, knows her field and has a ton of tricks to work with kids that have a short attention span.  If your little one needs speech therapy or isn't making progress with your current therapist, GO TO Laci!!  You will not be disappointed and your child will get the best help.


A side note to the Early Intervention program, we found out after we stopped using the program that they use speech therapist assistants instead of speech therapists.  This is not limited to the Illinois program but the Florida program as well.  When we pulled out our paperwork, sure enough, there in small print was the word "assistant".  It is frustrating that we wasted 6 months of precious time and spent over $1000 on the program to find that we were working with an assistant that provided very little results.


Bottom line:  Laci and Heart 4 Kids Therapy is the best!


Leanne V.

My son was 2 years old when I began to worry about his speech delay. When he hit 2 and a half I really started to worry. He was not talking and seemed to have difficulty trying to speak. I had him evaluated and learned he had a disorder called Apraxia of Speech. I frantically searched and called many therapists in the Bay Area. I couldn't find a group that didn't have a long waiting list or didn't take my insurance. I happened to come across Heart for Kids online. I called and spoke to Laci. She was very kind and took the time to talk to me about my options and what they do there. I knew right then that this was meant to be.

The insurance I had was one that Laci and Chris wanted to try and accept. They worked very hard and were very diligent to follow up with the insurance company. They met with us and started reviewing my son's case before the insurance was accepted. Both Laci and Chris showed so much concern to get my son what he needed.


The office is very orderly and comfortable. My older daughter enjoys going to watch a movie in the lobby and color. I also love that I can use an IPad to hear and see the therapy taking place while I'm waiting in the front.


My son has been working with Laci for a few months now and I already see so much improvement in his sound execution and functional language. He goes right in and they follow the Velcro board that lays out the steps of his session. She uses so many different resources and activities with my son. They really have fun!


I am so glad that we found Laci and Chris, and I would recommend them to anyone!


Genny A.

If you are looking for a place to provide a warm and caring environment for your kiddo then look no further! When I started taking my son to heart 4 kids he was extremely shy of strangers. Within the second session with Laci he was so excited to come and "play". Laci has helped my son reach some major milestones with his speech. This place has been such a blessing... I HIGHLY recommend!


Ashley B.

Laci has been awesome with our little girl, in the short amount of time our daughter has been with Laci we've notice an incredible difference in her vocabulary. My wife and I highly recommend Heart 4 Kids Therapy. Both Chris and Laci are amazing People.


Carlos N.

Laci has been great with Liam and he's gone from 1 word at a time to 4 to 5 word at a time in 3 months. She has not only worked with Liam but gave us the tools to use at home to help with his progress. I can't thank her and Chris enough for working with us and giving us the tools we need for our son. We would strongly recommend them to anyone needing these services!


Joanne D.

I ended up finding "Heart 4 Kids Therapy" online and was pleasantly surprised with how helpful and nice everyone was.  When I brought my daughter into therapy I was blown away because it was First Class all the way.  The office was clean, and everyone was organized and prepared.  The system that they have in place is effective and you will see the results with your children.  My husband and I are so thankful for "Heart 4 Kids Therapy" and we are honestly so blessed to have found this place.  We will always recommend Heart 4 Kids Therapy to others and we will honestly miss the office when it is time for our daughter to start school.  If you are looking for a staff that loves their job, then this is the place for you!!


Katy N.

We met Mrs. Laci when our baby was 4 months. Due to her expertise she noticed the signs of him silently aspirating. We quickly got him into a swallow study that confirmed a floppy airway, she was with us the whole time, asking questions that I wouldn't have thought to ask. We really appreciated her knowledge and willingness to walk with our family for 18 months for the benefit of our little one.


On another note, she was also able to teach our son, with Down's, sign language at 9 months. At 2 1/2 he still uses about 30 different signs.


Angel G.

My son had the privilege of working with Mrs. Laci Coleman. She was so wonderful with him and helped him to reach his full potential. He was born at 25 weeks and we where told he would have so many delays, and the only delay he has is speech. His teachers today remark on how well he talks and the words he uses compared to his age group. I believe it is because of the wonderful speech therapist he worked with during his crucial years:-)


Jodi F.

Lacy is kind, gentle, patient, and sees the potential in a child where others do not.


Dawn W.

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