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Heart 4 Kids Therapy is conveniently located off of Hwy 19 N. in Palm Harbor. Our facility is designed to be welcoming to you and your child. Individual speech therapy rooms provide a great learning environment for our patients. Our facility provides a way for you to observe the therapy sessions without being a distraction in the room. This new technology provides a great way for you the parent to carryover the techniques used by the therapists while in session.
















Our physical therapy gym is designed for one-on-one treatment with no distractions. All of our equipment is specifically for pediatric physical therapy. This provides everything your child needs to meet the goals set in place by your child's physical therapist.

Heart 4 Kids Therapy, Speech Therapy, Speech Therapist

Heart 4 Kids Therapy, LLC is a licensed pediatric therapy clinic in Palm Harbor Florida. We are dedicated to provide innovative and quality speech, occupational and physical therapy services to children and their families.

By entering into a dedicated partnership with you, your child, and your child's health care providers, our therapists are able to provide an effective, individualized therapy program to best meet the needs of your child.

Our occupational therapy gym creates a fun and motivating environment for your child to learn and grow. Whether your child is working on sensory processing, or fine motor difficulties, our OT gym provides the perfect space for your child to thrive.

Heart 4 Kids Therapy, Pediatric therapy, OT, Gym, OT gym,

For more information about Heart 4 Kids Therapy, please contact our office at 727-202-9200 or by email at info@H4KT.com

Heart 4 Kids Therapy, Physical Therapy, PT, PT pediatrics, pediatric physical therapy

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